Whoever experiences Slovenia will never forget it. Slovenia is the right place to be for your next rock climbing holidays.

The undiscovered land of Slovenia offers so much diversity for such a tiny country. That is why we can provide the best climbing options, with numerous rock climbing activities during your visit. You can climb high in the mountains, in the heart of the Alps, or on crags near the Adriatic Sea, explore the picturesque Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj or have a refreshing rest day with white water rafting or canyoning. You will enjoy climbing at scenic places of the Julian Alps and Adriatic Sea, and discover the mystic Karst region, with its magical underground world. Slovenia surprises at every step with its natural beauty and there is always something new to discover on your way. Slovenia knows how to charm its guests – with its originality and loveliness. 


Slovenia offers outstanding opportunities for rock climbing and bouldering. You can test your strength and agility at almost one hundred natural climbing areas. You can try climbing in any part of Slovenia, with the exception for the lowlands of the northeast. Some of Slovenia’s natural climbing areas are ranked among the toughest in Europe and that is why they lure the best free climbers in the world. Plenty of other highly varied shorter walls offer year-round thrills for recreational and less experienced climbers as well. On milder winter days you can head off to the climbing areas along the Slovenian Coast and enjoy a day out in the sun.