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Slovenia – Paradise for climbers

Rock climbing is growing in popularity, even in colder climates, as the sport allows people to challenge themselves and experience the landscape from a new perspective. Rock climbers will have no shortage of challenges in Slovenia, as the green and rocky land has many pristine areas that invite rock climbers. Rock climbing – whether it’s […]

The girls’ route

How can girls climb up dizzying rock faces? Who helps them? An even harder question. Women’s climbing really is more mysterious than men’s. How can they conquer a vertical world with minimal footholds and even smaller handholds, when they do not have as much raw strength as a brave boy? When they match their strength […]

The Rock Climbing Experience

Climbing is something that comes naturally to all of us. We have done it since we were kids playing in the backyard. And why do we climb now? Maybe because we are just bigger kids, looking for a challenge, a place in the history books, the rush, or the cleansing feeling of just doing it. […]