The Rock Climbing Experience

Climbing is something that comes naturally to all of us. We have done it since we were kids playing in the backyard. And why do we climb now? Maybe because we are just bigger kids, looking for a challenge, a place in the history books, the rush, or the cleansing feeling of just doing it. All of us climb for different reasons – you will find your own reason to climb and your own style to get you there. There are many different types of rock climbing; bouldering, alpine free climbing, sport climbing, multypitch rock climbing, and deep water soloing.


Adrenaline pumping through your veins. Sweat beads roll down your forehead. Chalk, sandstone, and blood are apparent on your hands. Tendentious attacks the joints of your fingers and elbows. You walk away physically weaker, but mentally stronger. What you have just tasted is the “rush” experience of my favorite sport, rock climbing.