Slovenia – Paradise for climbers

Rock climbing is growing in popularity, even in colder climates, as the sport allows people to challenge themselves and experience the landscape from a new perspective. Rock climbers will have no shortage of challenges in Slovenia, as the green and rocky land has many pristine areas that invite rock climbers. Rock climbing – whether it’s on short rock faces or on mountain peaks – is a popular outdoor pursuit and Slovenia offers a range of options for all levels of climbers.


Rock climbing is the best way to embrace Slovenia’s geology in an up-close-and-personal way. There are crags, boulders and cliff faces – various outdoor rock climbing walls, that provide a chance to practice your technique. Slovenia is a small country with diverse and challenging rock climbing areas, where you seldom need to queue for a climb. Slovenia has a bit of everything and often in very picturesque settings.

Photo: Rožle Bregar